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Products & Services - Electrical - Electrical Cable Gland Accessories

Waterproofing Shrouds

  • Standard Shrouds are for use with Pratley Adjustable, Flameproof cable glands, Ex e cable glands, Aluminum Alloy Cable Boxes and Ezee-Fit Cable Boxes
  • Long Shrouds are for use in corrosive environments with Pratley Adjustable Cable glands only and cannot be used on boxes.
  • NEW Silicone Shrouds (Red) for use primarily with the Pratley Tunnel Box in extremely high temperatures and are fire resistant.

Inner Seal Kits for Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands

  • Seals pressure tight against cable bedding
  • Fitted with a nipple gasket and shroud
  • Will maintain IP68 rating if fitted with a nipple gasket and shroud

Compression Conversion kit for Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands

  • For use with Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands
  • Replaces the cone bush in an Adjustable Cable Gland for SWA cable so it may be used with any circular unarmoured cable

Adaptors for Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands

  • Pg. and Imperial Adaptors
  • Replace the standard nipple in the Pratley Adjustable Cable Gland
  • The gland may then be screwed into Pg. (DIN standard) or Imperial threaded entries respectively

Extended Length Nipples for Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands

  • For Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands
  • Nickel plated
  • Replace the standard nipple when required with exceptionally thick gland plates

Earthing Tags for Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands

  • For use with Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands
  • Note: More than one earthing tag may be required depending on conductor size and length

Locknuts (Nickel plated, steel and brass)

  • For use with Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands, Compression Glands, Ex e, Ex e Ultra, Ex e Compression, Enviro and Enviro Compression Glands
  • Note: Unplated brass locknuts can be supplied on special request. Steel locknuts should not be used with single core cable due to heating effects.

Adapter Bushes for Flat Twin and Earth Cables

  • For use with Pratley Brass Compression Glands and Pratley Tufflon Compression Glands
  • Refer to Sales Leaflet No. 9310

Asibus Compression Bush for Asibus Cables

Ex d IIB
Ex e I/II

SANS 60079-0
SANS 60079-1
SANS 60079-7
SANS 60529
  • SANS IEC 60079-0, 60079-1 & 60079-7
  • SABS TEST REPORT No. 7234/04-208.

  • For use in a Pratley No.0 Ex e Brass Compression Gland and a Pratley No.0 Ex e/d Enviro Compression Gland

Replacement Flame-Seal Bush Kits for Pratley Ex d/e Flameproof Cable Glands

  • SABS 10086-1, 10086-2 and the OSH and MSH acts require periodic inspection of equipment installed in hazardous locations
  • These kits are designed as replacements for Ex d glands where inspection has revealed that the integrity of the existing bushes has been compromised
  • IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE! The correct bush kit must be selected and fitted. Failure to do so will lead to a dangerous installation! The number moulded on the replacement bushes should also be checked against the number moulded on the existing bushes to ensure the gland is not an obsolete design.

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