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(Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder for Animal Use) 99078

  • Registered with South African Department of Agriculture
  • Controls mould proliferation and selectively binds mycotoxins, especially aflotoxins in contaminated animal feed.
  • Reduces the need for antibiotics and reduces mortality rate.
  • Improves feed to weight gain conversion efficiency.
  • Decreases ammonia levels in poultry houses.
  • Reduces faecal moisture, pathogenic colony counts and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Increases the number of gradable eggs, shell thickness and egg production.
  • Improves the flowability & anti-caking of feed.


Pratley Clinomix®
(Livestock Feed Additive for Ruminants & Mongastric Animals)

  • Increased NPN (non-protein nitrogen)for ruminants
  • Reduces odour and faecal moisture.
  • Very effective mycotoxin binder.
  • Improves the flowability & anti-caking of feed
  • Effectively alleviates acute and chronic diarrhea/scouring in high density feedlots and farms.
  • Reduces the need for antibiotics and reduces mortality rate.
  • Rumen buffer that reduces acidosis
  • Leads to drier and less odourous manure.
  • Significantly reduces run off water pollution.


Pratley "Clino" Natural Zeolite
(Slow Release Cation-Exchange Fertilizer)

99087 (Ultra fine)
99089 (1.4 - 2mm)
99091 (6 - 10mm)
99093 (10 - 20mm)

  • Retains water and nutrients when added to soil and acts as a slow release fertilizer
  • High cation-exchange capacity helps control the release of plant nutrients
  • Used effectively in golf course maintenance and mine dump rehabilitation
  • Zeolite was used in the nuclear cleanup of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear disasters

(Expanded Perlite For Horticultural use) (1-3mm) (0-2mm) (0-1mm)

  • Unique, naturally occurring mineral used extensively as a horticultural growing medium
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency, which improves plant health and growth
  • Promotes water drainage whilst still retaining ideal moisture content
  • Maintains optimal aeration of soil
  • Free of weeds and pathogenic microbes
  • Available in 3 different grade sizes. Fine 0-1mm, Medium 0-2mm, Coarse 1-3mm


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