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Pratley Electrical

The passing of a Pratley Icon

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Managing Director, Mr. Kim Pratley on 19 January 2021. He joined the company in 1979 after graduating from Wits University as a Mechanical Engineer. In 1983, after the passing of his father, George “Monty” Pratley, he took over the Company’s leadership at the age of 27. Mr. Pratley was a man loved and admired by many, and recognised as an inventor, innovative leader, keen aviator and industry icon.


Local manufacturer poised for sustained growth in 2021

The fact that hardware sales is one of the few retail sectors to show green shoots during the economic downturn wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic is positioning local manufacturer Pratley to continue on its growth trajectory into 2021. Describing this sector as having “reasonably normalised”, CEO Kim Pratley remarks that this bodes well for the adhesives side of the business. ...readmore